Ruby had ‘no chance’ in attack

Ruby was left with severe injuries following the attack.

By Brendan Rees

A deadly dog attack in Clyde has left a woman heartbroken over the loss of her five-year-old cavalier king charles of whom she described as “my baby”.

Shani Francis said she was walking back home with her dog Ruby along Hill Farm Drive when a big dog came “flying from behind” and locked its jaws on Ruby about 11.45am on Saturday 19 July.

“My mind went blank pretty quick … this dog just came flying from behind and just grabbed Ruby and just wouldn’t let go. It was like crazy, just like split second.”

At the time Ms Francis, 27, said she was with her friend who had also been walking her dog Bucky, a boxer cross staffy, when the dog approached them out of “nowhere”.

“My instinct was to pull back on the lead so poor Ruby was literally in the air in this dog’s mouth because I’m trying to pull it out.”

She said a man then approached them who yelled at her friend to let go of his dog before grabbing Bucky “by the choker chain and yanked it”.

“My friend ended up grabbing the other dog by its scruff and it let go of Ruby.”

Ruby was raced to a vet where she underwent three surgeries to contain internal bleeding as well as the removal of a damaged kidney, but had sadly succumbed to her wounds two days later.

Ms Francis said the dog, which appeared to not be wearing a collar or a lead, had also attacked Bucky, causing “little bullet wounds”, but was slowly recovering.

According to Ms Francis, the dog was a black bull mastiff or a similar breed. She said man left the scene with the dog in a dark Jeep Cherokee and “did not say one word”.

Ms Francis said she had reported the incident to the council. She also called police but was told “they couldn’t do anything”.

By sharing her story, Ms Francis hoped to warn others. “She’s so defenceless in situations like that. She had no chance anyway. It’s been devastating. This dog’s my baby.”

Ms Francis said the Jeep had registration plates bearing ACA 920 and was towing a caged trailer.

Casey Council’s manager of safer communities Caroline Bell said council was investigating the dog attack and had seized a “black dog” later on the day of the incident, after it was found abandoned at council’s pound facility.

“A large black dog is suspected of having attacked two dogs, causing minor injuries to one, and fatal injuries to the other,” Ms Bell said.

“Enquires are underway to identify the dog’s owner. If you have any information in relation to this incident, please contact us on (03) 9705 5200.”