Happy New Year from Gary Maas MP

Gary Maas MP -Parliament of Victoria.

It is said that the worst of times often bring out the best in us. And this year Victorians met the ever-evolving challenges of the pandemic head on.

Hospitalisations and deaths were kept to low levels, however there will be pain for many families this Christmas with one less family member at the Christmas table.

Together we pulled through, supported those around us and achieved over 90 per cent double vaccination levels. Vaccination has meant we can open up and live life closer to normal.

Victoria is now one of the most vaccinated places on earth and for that I am proud, humbled and thankful to you. Yes, we have freedom but collectively we are responsible to each other too.

I would like to thank all the frontline health workers, emergency workers, non-government organisations, charities and community support groups for their phenomenal efforts in helping those facing their toughest days.

The Narre Warren South community sacrificed so much, cared for one another, and provided safety and warmth in times of despair. From community food banks providing hot meals to those who have stayed safe but vigilant; you all played a vital part towards a brighter future ahead.

The unity of this community and the efforts of all has been the catalyst for our ability to now enjoy a return to what we love the most and the people we have missed.

We’ve got so much to look forward to in our community with upgraded schools, health services, roads, public transport and services.

Let’s continue to be our best, be safe and enjoy the good times with our friends and family, and celebrate this festive season.

From my family to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gary Maas MP

State Member for Narre Warren South