ON MONDAY 28 July I decided to take my wife out for lunch in Melbourne by train and I decided to take pot luck trying to find a car space but, as luck was not on my side, I had to park my car closer to Fountian Gate and walk back to the station due to the two hour parking restrictions around Webb Street which I am in favour of.
Which brings me to the state election in November – to the Liberal and Labor candidates of Casey it is time you pushed for multi-storey carparks at our three stations of Hallam, Narre Warren and Berwick.
As you are well aware of our ever expanding city, the more houses that are built the more likely people will be need public transport to get them to work, which mean more cars parking at train stations, and they are now maxed out before 9am leaving day trippers with nowhere to park.
I look at the empty park opposite the Narre Warren train station and ask who owns it and why dont we put it to good use?
Do something useful for the train travelling public as they are the ones who vote for you.
Rex Flannery,
Narre Warren South.

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  1. C Colson

    Rex Flannery; I seem to recall developing a multi story car park in Berwick,was a major plank in Cr Morland’s bid for council, funny that, I have not seen any mention of it since the election, in fact the number of spaces has been reduced by a recent “facelift to the area outside Woollies.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting!!

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