By Cam Lucadou-Wells

“Who is ready to party???!!!???”
Corey Worthington, via his official Facebook page, has given his endorsement to a 10-year reunion of the Narre Warren South street party that propelled him to international notoriety.
According to the revival event organisers, they are hoping to reunite for “a little catch-up” on 8 January – 10 years after the “rager at Corey’s place”.
“In regards to location, we’re still waiting on confirmation from Corey that this is actually happening, but it’ll be somewhere in Narre Warren again.”
The event was posted by a Facebook page ‘I saw a UFO and nobody believes meme’.
Page administrator ‘Tony’, who had ‘raged’ at the original party, said he hadn’t had a direct response from Corey but “it seems he’s down with it”.
“It’s the Corey we know and love.”
Worthington, as a then 16-year-old, threw a party at the family house while his parents were away in 2008.
After posting the event on MySpace, it went viral. The party attracted more than 500 party goers, and got out of control with police cars smashed.
On a live interview on A Current Affair, Corey said he’d apologise but refused to take off his large sunglasses. Because “they’re famous”.
“Best party so far that’s what everyone has been saying,” he said during the interview that polarised the country.
Tony has “hazy” memories of the original party but says it was a “fun event”. He was 29 at the time, but had done nothing like that again.
He was looking forward to catching up with Corey for the first time in 10 years.
Tony has since settled locally with a wife and kids, and hopes for the reunion to be a “relaxed affair”.
“It’ll be a little catch-up for the people who went last time.
“It will be more tame than last time – bring a partner and kids, bring a plate because we can’t provide for all those people.”
Ironically, with entertainers such as Operator Please, The Potbelleez, Sam Sparro, Gabrielle Climi and DJs “locked in”, there could be a number of gate-crashers.
More than 6200 Facebookers have responded that they are “going”.
Another 14,000 were “interested”.
Tony was surprised by the response but said organisers could cater for such a 6000-strong crowd.
“We were thinking of a backyard somewhere with barbecues or in a park somewhere. Just a small area.
“There will be a lot of security measures and crowd control.
“We’ve done the Falls Festival and occasional events.”

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