Q and A with Sarah Jeffs

RSPCA animal attendant Sarah Jeffs. 188617_01. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

With Sarah Jeffs, animal attendant at RSPCA’s Pearcedale shelter

What is your role at the RSPCA shelter in Pearcedale and what does your daily routine look like? My title is Animal attendant and while I mostly look after the horses and livestock, occasionally I cross over into other areas like the cattery and kennels. No matter which area I’m working in, my main role is to ensure all the animals in my care are looked after. This includes the basics like feeding and cleaning up, all the through to medicating, rehab and working with the vets as necessary.

Have you always had a passion for working with rescued horses? Yes, as it is for most horse lovers, once you connect with horses they are a lifelong addiction! So I’ve always been interested in work that would lead to rehabilitation and rehoming the horses that others have forgotten about.

What is something people don’t know about you? I used to collect 50c pieces, yes, apparently I was a bean counter from a young age! It helped me understand the value of money and now, working at the RSPCA, I’m reminded daily of how every little bit adds up. It’s the generosity of so many that think this way that help us continue our work to end animal suffering and to find forever homes for the animals that come into our care.

What is your most memorable moment? I have lots but probably marrying my husband last year and heading on our massive trip over to the UK. Memories I’ll never forget.

Where did you grow up as a child? Epping, northern suburbs.

What is your favourite movie? Hands down, definitely, Space Jam. Nothing like a live action animated sports comedy with some alternate history thrown in to make you smile!

If you were PM for a day, what would you do?

Push for more environmentally friendly decisions for our country, no one is taking this topic as seriously as they should be.

At school I……Played a lot of basketball and listened to heavy metal.

Favourite holiday spot in Australia? Nambucca Heads in NSW. I have great childhood memories from time spent there.

What’s your favourite book? Too many to choose just one however I’m currently reading and really enjoying The Idiots Guide to Ayurveda. Loads of great information and makes it all simpler to understand.

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