Three back to school tips for parents…

Three back to school tips for parents…

1) Get a school routine going early.

Summertime schedules are often different than school year schedules, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Children do well with routines though, so establishing a school routine early is important. A week before school starts get the children used to waking up at a certain time every day and going to bed at a reasonable time.

2) Prepare for back to school emotions.

Sometimes young children deal with separation anxiety when back to school time rolls around and those feelings are normal. Consider reading up on separation anxiety and how to ease it. Most importantly, you know your child best and you know how to address their concerns.

3) Get appropriate supplies and gear for your children.

Your child’s school will likely have a list, so be sure to refer to that. Many schools also have small lists of items to not bring to school. It will help the teachers and students if those lists are adhered to.

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