Q and A with… Courtney Rushton, Casey Cardinia Libraries, Endeavour Hills branch manager

Meet Courtney! Picture: SUPPLIED

– What does your work at the library involve?

I’m the manager of the Endeavour Hills branch so my role is to manage the staff and library services of that branch. I roster staff, plan and deliver adult programs, maintain the collections, mentor new staff and, most importantly, serve customers. I also lead two organisational teams, adult programs which is responsible for programming across all CCL branches and the READ group which is responsible for initiatives, such as author events and our In a nook with a book Facebook group, that encourage a love of reading in adults.

– Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Well it’s a bit cliche since I’m a librarian, but I have my own personal library, spread across six bookshelves totalling 932 books. I hope to reach the 1000 mark in 2022.

– What is your favourite cuisine?

I’m not a foodie but if I had to pick, I would say Italian cuisine. I spent a month in Italy in 2016 and I lived on pizza, pasta, gelato and Nutella croissants for the whole four weeks. The variety of pizza in Italy is amazing, I had a Nutella pizza and a French fries pizza amongst others. My mother was a bit mortified about that last choice.

– Who is your biggest inspiration?

My family – mum, dad, sister and uncle. All have lived experience, both good and bad, and from them shown me how to live my best life. I am grateful for them and support they give me every day.

– If you had to compete on MasterChef, what dish would you cook?

Ummmmm…is there phone a friend option? I’m not a cook but I can make scones using a recipe handed down from my Poppy.

– If you were Prime Minister for a day, what would be the first thing you would do?

Well, breakfast would be the first order of the day then perhaps I’d get to work on climate change reform.

– What are you most looking forward to when lockdown ends?

Seeing people. My family is in regional Victoria so seeing them would be top of my list but also all my friends, work colleagues, library regulars. Just seeing people, not on a screen will be the best.

– Why are libraries so important for the community?

Because libraries are for everyone. They are one of the few places left in society where everyone can go for free. And we have things for everyone from books to DVDs to computers, magazines, to a place to sit and have a chat or sit and play your favourite video game. Libraries are many things to many people and there is no limit to what we can be for a person whether they be a small child learning literacy through rhymes at Tinies time or a person running their own business using the free wifi. We are a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

– What do you love about the Casey/Cardinia community?

Casey has so many beautiful parks and spaces to go walking. I particularly like walking around Wilson Botanic park, the Royal Botantic Gardens at Cranbourne and Lysterfield Lake.

– Anchovies on pizza: yes or no?