More than a gym

Emily Meszaros and Bec Potalej from Lioness Performance.

In a world where gender disparities persist and women continue to face unique challenges, the rise of women-owned businesses that not only break barriers but also nurture inclusive communities is a beacon of hope.

Lioness Performance is far more than just a gym. Bec, Emily, Ingrid and Zoe spend their hours off the gym floor focusing on how they can become the most accessible community for women. We each understand that as women, we face a lot of barriers when it comes to putting ourselves first. We spend all of our efforts creating ways to make these barriers no longer an issue. With a big focus on community, we spend our time building out programs, events, or educational resources to better the lives of all women. Paying members or just our wider community.

Despite much of our effort going onto the gym floor and giving out best service to our community in the gym each day, we also go to the efforts of hosting free run clubs, meditation and mindset circles, day and week retreats, school groups to teach young women that strong is in, and currently focusing on building out a mums and cubs program, as we know motherhood can be hard and the gym and the community it can offer offers this transitional phase some space and time for new mums to feel like themselves again.

Lioness is more than a gym. Yes, it’s a physical space with machines, barbells and dumbbells. but any four walls can hold that.

What sets us apart is:

– Being a judgment free zone, welcoming anyone for who they are and encouraging them to express themselves;

– Building sister-like bonds with our clients. Offering them a space to speak whats on their mind and have like minded women to talk (and vent) too;

– A heavy focus on education: No shortcut-rebound focused programs here. We want your time at Lioness to set you up for life;

– And simply being a space to grow on all levels.

Lioness centres everything around “building powerful women” – which gives them strength to show up in all areas of their life.

Within our business, as a team we all agreed that within all the work we do, we want to remain true to ourselves. We want to ensure we always let our individual personalities shine through, to laugh and have a joke, and to not take things too seriously. Business can be tough, but being ourselves allows it to be fun and we think these efforts have paid off as it enables us to attract such an amazing community and also allow our community to express themselves as they are too.

By fostering strength and resilience in all aspects of life, Lioness empowers women to be their best selves. In a world where women’s voices are gaining recognition, Lioness Performance is not just supporting women in business; it is driving a transformative wave of change within its community and beyond.

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