Bali terror bomb victim’s disgust

By Callan Date
A HALLAM man severely injured during the 2002 Bali bombings is disgusted with Indonesian authorities for releasing convicted terrorists from jail.
Dale Atkin is doing his best to lead a full life after he suffered burns to nearly half his body during the devastating attacks more than four years ago.
But the 31-year-old said he could hardly comprehend the news last week when he heard several Indonesian people convicted of terrorism offences had been released from jail early.
Several Indonesians convicted of harbouring those involved in the planning and execution of the Bali bombings have been released from jail, while more had been released for their roles in other terrorist acts.
“I guess I was disgusted. They killed 202 people and injured hundreds more and now some are getting released,” Mr Atkin said.
He said his injuries from the blasts were now as good as they will ever get but the anger still ran deep through his body.
“These people were accessories to murder and they have been let off early.
“The Indonesian Government doesn’t really care. They obviously have a short memory,” Mr Atkin said.
However, of greater concern to the Hallam man is the thought of the key figures in the attacks being released early.
“What I’m worried about is that they’ll let the three off that have been given the death penalty.”
Mr Atkin said he felt deeply for the families who lost loved ones during the bombings.
“I can just only imagine what the other families who lost people are thinking,” he said.
The Indonesia Consulate was unable to provide a response by the time of going to press.

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