Cranbourne juniors on target

CRANBOURNE Junior Football Club’s under-16 (2) team started the season on a high note with a 64-point win over Hampton Park at the weekend.
Scores: Cranbourne 13.10.88 d Hampton Park 3.6.24. Goals: A. Newsome 4, L. Ligt 3, T. Wolski 3, T. Taylor, R. Jones, P. Blythe 1. Best: Ryan Jones, Mitchell Gersbeck, Adam Newsome, Nick McPhillips, Luke Ligt, Pat Blythe, Luke Spencer.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 15 (2)

In wet conditions Cranbourne started slowly, but the pre-season work came through in the second half. Scores: Cranbourne 8.4.52 d Narre North Foxes Grey 4.6.30. Goals: C. Chasemore 3, J. Lalor 2, M. Beaver, N. Anning, A. Galley 1. Best: C. Dayle, C. Chasemore, J. Lalor, R. Cowen, K. Oultrum.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 15 (1)

It was a good first up game for Cranbourne and some real endeavour was shown in the third quarter to set up a match-winning lead. Scores: Cranbourne 11.6.72 d Noble Park 9.7.61. Goals: K. Blezard 3, S. Murnane 2, B. Pearce, M. Smith, M. Gearon, A. Driscoll, L. Barker, D. Baker 1. Best: M. Smith, S. Wakefield, M. Viney.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 14 (2) GOLD

Scores: Cranbourne 15.20.110 d Pakenham Blue 3.5.23.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 14 (1) BLUE

Cranbourne tried hard and will improve with time and training. Scores: Cranbourne 2.1.13 lost to Beaconsfield 25.18.168. Goals: Aaron Bower, Kayne Wyborn. Best: Kevin Twile, Zac Brown, Zac Kruiskamp, Daniel Wood.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 13 (1)

Cranbourne started the season off well with a hard-fought 27-point win against a determined opposition. Scores: Cranbourne 11.7.73 d Beaconsfield Gold 7.4.46. Goals: B. Hermans 3, T. Ross 2, C. Sewell 2, R. Healy, T. Roscoe, C. O’Hehir, J. Shiels 1. Best: J. Adams, T. Ross, J. Lothian, J. Shiels, J. Courtney, C. O’Hehir.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 13 GOLD

Cranbourne fought the game out. Scores: Cranbourne 2.0.12 lost to Fountain Gate 12.11.83. Goals: Justin Bakker, Jake Dunn. Best: Rhys Craven, Jarryd McGrath, John Smith.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 12 (2) BLUE

Cranbourne tried hard to only lose in the last quarter. Scores: Cranbourne 2.11.23 lost to Beaconsfield 5.13.43. Goals: T. Elliott 2. Best: S. Singh, J. Lester, J. Twite, S. Pardon, H. Miller.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 12G RED

Tried hard against Noble Park. Goals: Matthew Crozier 2, Shaun Knight 1.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 11 BLUE

Great effort by Cranbourne that played as a team. Scores: Cranbourne 6.4.40 v 1.5.11. Goals: Thomas Jellie 3, Darcy Atkins, Todd McGrath, Jake Harrington.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 11 YELLOW

Excellent four-quarter effort by Cranbourne. Scores: Cranbourne 11.7.73 d Narre South Lions 1.4.10. Goals: Jarryd Shields 3, Jay Westin 2, Aaron Davenport 2, Jake Cottier, Nathan McEwan-Callander, Zac Sproull, Brett Hookey 1. Best: Dylan Barfoot, Zac Sproull, Aaron Davenport, Jay Westin, Jaryd Shields, Nathan McEwan-Callander.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 11 GOLD BLUE (2)

Scores: Cranbourne 13.20.98 d Dandy Saints 1.0.6. Goals: Dean Craven 3, Charlie Gardiner 3, Jake Smith 3, Dylan Piner 2, Ashley Powell, Jarrod Robilliard 1. Best: Dean Craven, Jake Smith, Dylan Piner, Thomas Brehaut, Clint Jolly (Bishop).


Played Narre Warren Foxes. Goals: Kalob McCubbin. Best: Shannon Marsh, P. Magee, Corey Graham (captain), Blake Collins.


Played Narre Warren Foxes. Goals: Callum Grant 2, Daniel Shaw, Luke Farrelly 1.