Foxes hunt well

NARRE North Foxes Junior Football Club had seven wins in last week’s round.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 16

The Foxes thanked Justin Marriot, Luke Power and Shaun Coe from the under 15s for playing.
Scores: Foxes 9.10.64 lost to Fountain Gate 11.12.78.
Goals: Jason Dollberger 3, Jamie Smith 2, Michael McKenzie, Bhavin Parbhu, Bradley Starkey, Josh Tomich 1.
Best: Scott Dinsdale, Jason Dollberger, Julian Gough, Michael McKenzie, Jack Lonie, Aaron Mills.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 15

Good teamwork and a disciplined approach to the game gave the Foxes an important win. The club congratulated Chris Tosin on playing 100 games.
Scores: Foxes 13.8.86 d Officer 4.4.28.
Goals: Trent Duffy, Justin Marriott 3, Shaun Coe, Ryan Moorhouse, Carlos Peregin, Michael Rodriguez, Luke Rogers, Josh Tonna, Chris Tosin 1.
Best: Josh Tonna, Justin Marriot, Chris Tosin, Ryan Moorhouse, Ben McKenna.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 14 BLACK

The club congratulated Jack Young on playing 100 games for the club and had a good win in heavy conditions.
Scores: Foxes 9.11.65 d Fountain Gate Blue 3.3.21.
Goals: Mathew Lee 4, Michael Tomich 2, Nathan Allen, Mark Blanco, Jacob Matwijkiw 1.
Best: Matthew Brew, Mathew Lee, Michael Tomich, Chris Blanco.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 14 GREY

The score against Endeavour Hills Green did not reflect how well the Foxes played. The club congratulated Michael Simonis on reaching 50 games.
Scores: Foxes 0.0.4 lost to Endeavour Hills Green 8.9.57.
Best: Ryan Adams, Jordan Bulner, Aislinn Murphy, Mark Hall, Matthew Delves, Joshua Robinson.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 13 BLACK

Scores: Foxes 4.7.31 d Beaconsfield 3.4.22.
Goals: C. Edwards, T. Rodriguez, J. Calvert, M. Meyer 1.
Best: B. Hopwood, J. Harvey, T. Rodriguez. A. Piening, C. Edwards, J. Osbourne.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 13 GREY

The Foxes battled hard under trying conditions.
Scores: Foxes 0.4.4 lost to Parkmore 9.6.60.
Best: L. Mulcahy. S. D’Amelio, M. Durham.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 12 BLACK

Scores: Foxes 10.9.69 d Narre Warren Black 2.2.14.
Goals: Marshall Gray, Matt Kennedy, Josh Trounce 2, Bill Athanasopoulas, Shannen Morrel, James McGarry, Bradley McGill 1.
Best: Mark Kotsakis, Ash Allen, Josh Trounce, Jacob Flannery, Matt Kennedy, Joel Coram.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 11 BLACK

The Foxes put up great four-quarter effort against good opposition. The whole team performed well.
Scores: Foxes 8.11.59 d Beaconsfield 5.0.30.
Goals: Blake Pearson 3, Robert Cardamone 2, Nathan Foote, Dale Gawley, Owen Marquis 1.
Best: James Andrews, Nicholas Howe, Steven Coe, Jack Farmer, Corey Lincoln.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 11 GREY

Scores: Foxes 1.0.6 lost to North Dandenong 4.5.29.
Goals: Taylor Waterworth 1.
Best: Jacob Keel-Sheehan, Nick Ryan, Jake Sera, Hayden Spierings.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 10 BLACK

Scores: Foxes 5.2.32 d Cranbourne Blue 2.5.17.
Goals: Tim Mashado 3, Aaron Wilson 2.
Best: Tim Mashado, Aaron Wilson, Matthew Charlesworth, Trent Warkuss, Brent Urwin, Matthew Sier.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 10 GREY

Scores: Foxes 8.11.59 d Narre South Lions 0.0.0.
Goals: Dylan Fitzpatrick 3, Dean Hanley, Ethan Schmidt, Matthew Soroczynski, Matthew Dean, Kieran Tucker 1.
Best: Dean Hanley, Dylan Fitzpatrick, Hayden Laidlaw, Fred Faulkner.


Goals: J. Costa 4, C. Curtain, K. Mutimer 2, J. Edwards, J. Perry, T. Rydquist, N. Souter 1.
Best: J. Costas, A. Parker. C. Curtain, M. Ralph.

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