Gators snap wins

FOUNTAIN Gate Junior Football Club had a good weekend with eight teams winning and the younger sides starting to play well.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 16

Scores: Fountain Gate 16.10.106 d Beaconsfield 13.3.81. Goals: Wing 7, Mullen 4, Stredwick 3, Delphine, Dick 1. Best: Delphine, Wing, Hawkins, Nanfra.

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Fountain Gate 21.21.147 def Cranbourne Gold 2.5.17. Goals: S. Saunders 4, J. Mitchell, J. Barrie-Sewell, T. Woodfield 3, C. Hannagan, A. Stevanovic, B. Selby 2, K. Sanfillipo, J. Wilson 1. Best: A. Brown, C. Hannagan, B. Selby, N. Majors.
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Fountain Gate 11.17.83 def Endeavour Hills 6.3.39. Goals: Souer-Ream 3, Loone, Young 2, Budd, de Yong, Durdin, Wilkins 1. Best: Souer-Ream, Loone, Ray, Mullen, Richardson, Nelson, Milledge.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 13

Fountain Gate 0.2.2 lost to Narre Warren 10.13.73. Best: B. Rutherford, T. Papworth, R. McIvor, J. Anderson, J. Cutting.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 12 BLUE

Fountain Gate 3.6.24 d Narre Warren Foxes 1.6.12. Goals: K. Murrian 2, D. Wickens 1. Best: Wing, Peazold, Dinnie, Baker-Smith, Mills-Franklin, Giobbi, Woodfield.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 11

Fountain Gate 5.11.41 d Hallam 4.2.26. Goals: K. Denmead, T. Lambert 2, C. Bowman 1. Best: D. Murrian, B. Blazevic, J. Brand.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 10 BLUE

Fountain Gate 2.9.21 lost to Noble Park 3.6.24. Goal: L. Nelson, Z. Murley 1.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 10 WHITE

Fountain Gate 2.4.16 lost to Beaconsfield 8.8.56. Robbie Baker and Daniel Grey kicked their first goals for the club. Goals: Robbie Baker and Daniel Grey 1. Best: Justin Coventry and Daniel Grey.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER NINE

Fountain Gate played Cranbourne. Another great game with only 16 players. Goals: Charlie Nogher and Leigh Tannerhill 1. Best: Jake Ponten, Blake Hutchins, Ben Llinares, Joshua Charles, Cameron Houlihan.