Hallam high and low

HALLAM under 17 girls side went down to the strong Sacre Coeur unit on the weekend but the under 16 boys team scored a resounding 127-point win over Cranbourne Gold in the highlight of the round.

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Scores: Hallam 2.6.18 lost to Sacre Coeur 4.9.33. Goals: C. Peers 2. Best: C. Peers, S. Brown, A. Heins, N. Morison.

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The hard work at training paid off with an even team effort over the whole game.
Scores: Hallam 21.16.142 d Cranbourne Gold 2.3.15. Goals: S. Baran 4, T. Kumetaitis 3, T. Gillies 3, P. Ward 2, T. Jordan 2, N. Harper 2, C. McIntosh 2, S. Eastaway, S. Paynter, J. Piggin.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 15

Scores: Hallam 7.6.48 lost to Fountain Gate 14.11.95. Goals: A. Pavlovic 4, T. Hendy, F. D’Agostino, J. Warris. Best: S. Sigeti, A. Pavlovic, C. D’Arcy.

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Scores; Hallam 6.3.39 lost to Noble Park 7.6.48. Goals: A. Siposs 3, J. Walton, B. Hillard, J. Miseski. Best: C. Smith, A. Siposs, D. Sampieri.

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After a slow start Hallam finished with a great result.
Scores: Hallam 9.4.58 d Cranbourne 4.4.28. Goals: M. Neve 4, L. Harlen 2, E. Coates, H. O’Neill, J. Cruickshank.

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Hallam’s win was highlghted by Ethan Grothaus’ first goal for the side.
Scores: Hallam 7.7.49 d Officer 2.4.16. Goals: C. Peterson 3, D. Gray, E. Grothaus, B. Blackman, D. Kerr. Best: C. Peterson, C. O’Neill, D. Gray, K. Toolepai.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 9 RED

Matthew Cronjaeger kicked his first goal and the first goal for the team this season against Narre South Lions. Goals: M. Cronjaeger. Best: M. Cronjaeger, K. Morley, D. Werry, J. Watson, B. Brogan, H. Ferguson.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 9 BLACK

Hallam played Fountain Gate with Stuart Johnson celebrating his 50th game.
Goals: S. Johnson 3, T. Siposs 3, M. Mazzagatti.