Hills performs well

THE Endeavour Hills Junior Football Club had several good wins and congratulated Neil Peake on becoming club captain.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 16

Scores: Endeavour Hills 18.11.119 d Beaconsfield 0.5.5.

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Endeavour Hills controlled the game from the start, linked up well and the back line was strong all day.
Scores: Endeavour Hills 16.11.107 d Beaconsfield 4.5.29. Goals: G. Costas 3, D. Batson, T. Moutafis, M. Nicholson, N. Peters, L. Scott, L. Walsh 2, K. Whipp 1. Best: T. Butt, D. Batson, G. Costas, M. Nicholson.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 14

Endeavour Hills went in positively and gave their all, but were outclassed.
Scores: Endeavor Hills 1.11.17 lost to Fountain Gate 11.5.71. Goals: J.Marrolla 1.

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Scores: Endeavour Hills 28.13.183 d Parkmore 1.3.9. Goals: S. Zijai 11, A. Fricot 7, L. Barker, R. Imeson 2, M. Beer, B. Edeljan, J. Jacotine, M. Ohlmus, B. Wynne, Y. Zijai 1. Best: A. Fricot, S. Zijai, L. Barker, M. Beer.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 13(2)

Scores: Endeavour Hills 5.2.32 d Narre Warren 3.7.25. Goals: S. Zijai, N. Hampton, A. Lens, N. Pontil-Scala, A. Miller 1. Best: N. Pontil-Scala, W. Uren, T. Wilkinson, S. Zijai.

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The club congratulated Ashton Simoni on 50 games.
Scores: Endeavour Hills 5.3.33 d Cranbourne 4.8.32. Goals: R. Xavior 2, L. Knudson, M. Chehini, A. Simioni 1. Best: A. Akendiz, J. McDonald, J. Donaldson, M. Chehini.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 10

Score: Endeavour Hills 1.0.6 lost to Mossgiel Park 15.13.103. Goals: B. Jamieson 1.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER NINE

Endeavour Hills played Cranbourne Blue and put in a great team effort.
Goals: F. Zijai 3, E. Rasimi 2, C. Grey, B. James 1. Best: F. Zijai, E. Rasimi, P. Muzzicato, S. Walters, C. Boswell, T. Hoy.