Hills too high for Saints

ENDEAVOUR Hills Junior Football Club’s under-16 team ran away from Dandy Saints after half-time to register a 57-point win at the weekend.
Scores: Endeavour Hills: 15.8.98 d Dandy Saints 6.5.41. Goals: L. Staker 6, I. Trennery 3, T. Passa, A. Saniw, C. Ziegerike, N. Peake, S. Woolard, A. Hooper 1. Best: I. Trennery, A. Halley, L. Staker, L. Fitzpatrick.

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Endeavour Hills broke away in the last quarter for a good win with D. Batson, M. Bolitho, M. Gaitley and B. Worland playing their 100th games.
Scores: Endeavour Hills 10.7.67 d Officer 6.6.42. Goals: M. Bolitho 5, M. Nicholson, N. Peters 2, T. Moutafis 1. Best: M. Bolitho, D. Batson, K. Ambrose, D. Longano.

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Endeavour Hills played a top team game for a good win.
Scores: Endeavour Hills: 19.21.135 d Narre Warren White 2.2.14. Goals: D. Senik 5, R. Alexander, A Walters 3, N. Bourke, D. Tsuipo 2, T. Carr, P Daou, P. Featonby, J. Willemsen 1. Best: D. Senik, P. Featonby, R. Alexander, A. Bertucci.

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Scores: Endeavour Hills 11.11.77 d Berwick Blue 0.0.0. Goals: S. Zijai 5, A. Fricot, B. Zijai 2, P. Kouotsogianakis, L. Barker 1. Best: M. Beer, L. Barker, L. Cram, M. Woolgar.

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Scores: Endeavour Hills 5.4.34 lost to Pakenham 10.19.79. Goals: P. Carrlehne, H. Chehimi, M. Chehimi, N. Hampton, N. Pontil 1. Best: N. Hampton, N. Pontil, A. Lens.

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Scores: Endeavour Hills 5.9.39 lost to Berwick Blue 6.8.44. Goals: R. Xavier 2, A. Akdeniz, M. Lonie. D. Stocks 1. Best: J. McDonnell, R. Xavier, L. Knudsen, A. Akdeniz.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 11

Score: Endeavour Hills 3.11.29 lost to Beaconsfield 6.13.49. Goals: J. Bullock 2, B. Pearson 1. Best: J. Archer, M. Hicks, M. Keyt.

@BT Sub Sport News:UNDER 10

Score: Endeavour Hills 3.9.27 d Narre Warren 2.3.15. Goals: J. Thurbon, H. Fevero, S. Hagioglou.

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