Let the tongues

I HAVE been following the debate over the pronunciation of Ernst Wanke Drive with some bemusement – not to mention amusement. The descendants of Ernst Wanke surely must know that the pronunciation of the surname of their ancestor has been anglicised.
Much the same as the name “Brunswick” reflects the anglicised pronunciation of the German city of Braunschweig.
Conversely Ben Clissold refers to the Lutheran pronunciation of Wanke. This would be the first time in history that a religious belief manifests itself as a recognised major language. It is true however that Martin Luther translated the Bible into German (Luther’s name by the way is pronounced Loota in German).
The controversy could be easily laid to rest. Living in this City of Casey would be at least 1000 residents with a German speaking background. Ask any one of them, at random and without notice, how to pronounce Ernst Wanke in its native German and the debate would be over.
Sybille Kalbitzer,
Narre Warren.

I WAS just wondering if other Casey residents are finding the current recycling bin service inadequate.
Since the cardboard was included into the bin, I find the bin is just about full in about seven to eight days.
When the overflowing bins are placed out to be emptied, paper, cardboard and plastic bottles spill onto the road and are blown across our gardens, spoiling our clean streets.
I don’t think a larger or second bin is the solution, as we already have three or four bins. Perhaps the answer could be to have the recycling bin emptied weekly rather than fortnightly. However I would not expect the council to use this as an excuse to again increase our rates bill.
Gil Lewis,
Narre Warren.

the man

IT SEEMS that Narre Warren North MP Luke Donnellan is more capable of attacking the man rather than answering legitimate questions on the lack of road funding for Cranbourne, if his letter (News, 21 December) is anything to go by.
To imply that I am a member of the Liberal Party, or alternatively a Liberal Party “stooge” is offensive.
I am not a member of any political party and have no affiliation with any political movement whatsoever.
Now he has the gall to state that the Labor Party has spent a “stunning” $250 million since being in office”. On his own figures, Narre Warren received $165 million in this period, while Cranbourne received a paltry $45 million.
You don’t think that is justification for the southern ratepayers to “whinge”, as you call it?
As for his criticism of the Kennett Government, if it had not been for the Labor Party leaving this state in the parlous situation ($40 billion debt) and infrastructure in a diabolical mess, they would have been in the enviable situation that the Bracks Government found itself in.
I’m only stating the obvious, the southern part of Casey misses out on its fair share of funding, both under Labor and Liberal.
Simon Klaver,

THE Casey councillors, in the article Scrap Home Tax Call (News, 15 December) have ignored the reality that the Bracks Government is releasing more land to keep home ownership affordable for families in Casey. The Casey area is set to significantly benefit from this plan, which will support billions of dollars in new services and infrastructure across Melbourne’s growth areas.
Leading developers such as Stockland and AV Jennings have already stated that they believe the plan will create greater competition in the property markets, due to the extension of the urban growth boundary. In fact, this release of more land will reduce the pressure on housing prices.
Responsible developers have been contributing, since 1995, as much as $10,000 per block to councils to deliver roads and other community facilities such as sports facilities and playgrounds, through development contribution plans.
Under the Government’s plan, we will replace this ad-hoc approach to development that has left some new communities isolated and without the basic services they need, by making sure all developers make a fair contribution to delivering the things that families need in growing areas.
A Growth Areas Authority will also be established as a one-stop shop to advise authorities and developers on properly structured land release and infrastructure requirements upon such release.
This will ensure people living in growth areas do not need to use a litre of petrol to buy a litre of milk.
It is also envisaged the plan has the potential to create up to 80,000 additional new jobs in, or easily accessible to, Melbourne’s five growth areas, including Casey.
Rob Hulls,
Minister for Planning.

Keep up the
good work

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the Four Oaks Ward community for giving me the honour and privilege of serving you as a councillor for the City of Casey.
As I’ve stated in the past: ‘working together as a community means that our voice was heard, fairly and justly in council’.
This was attested by the number of capital works projects that occurred in the ward.
I would like to wish all the officers and councillors well for the next three years. There will certainly be some significant challenges and decisions ahead, regarding the civic precinct, Casey Fields, and the Endeavour Hills structure plan, just to name few.
I hope the focus of working together as a team, will not be jeopardised by a self-righteous agenda, which is used for personal gain.
Finally, I’d encourage all in our community to take a moment to reflect on people living in difficult circumstances, and those who couldn’t be with family at Christmas.
Roland Abraham,
Endeavour Hills.