Sri Lankan weightlifter in the frame

But Hallam graphic designer Vernon Tissera does.
The talented portrait maker has created images of pop icon Michael Jackson, champion Australian athlete Cathy Freeman and Mother Teresa but said the former PM was at the top of his wish list.
Mr Tissera recently created a colourful portrait of Sri Lankan weightlifter Chinthana Vithanage who won a gold medal at the recent Commonwealth Games.
The father of two not only creates images of well-known celebrities and sports people but goes to every length to personally deliver them to his subjects.
Mr Tissera snapped a photo of singer Michael Jackson when he toured Melbourne in the early 1990s and then recreated the image into a large portrait.
He waited patiently outside the Hyatt Hotel so he could present the picture to the pop sensation in person.
“His security staff came out and then they went and told him.
“He came down to the foyer and shook my hand.
“He really liked it. He asked me if I had tickets to his show. I said no so he gave me some,” he said.
Mr Tissera also took a shot of Cathy Freeman at the height of her sporting career and hand delivered the portrait at a Melbourne athletics event.
“She was very happy and hugged me.
“She asked me to drop it off at her house the next day because it was too big to carry so I took it over,” she said.
The passionate cricket fan said he would also like to capture Australian sporting great Steve Waugh and present Mr Keating with a portrait.
Mr Tissera said he wrote to the former PM when he was in a refugee camp in Iran with his pregnant wife and young son.
“I wrote him a letter begging to be let into Australia.
“I told him my situation and that I was a portrait artist and could give a lot to Australia.
“Then I received a response from the Australian Embassy that I was allowed in,” he said.
Mr Tissera said he had been able to organise accreditation with Commonwealth Games organisers to go to the athletes’ village and present Mr Vithanage with his most recent work.
“He was surprised when I gave it to him. This was the first gift he had received after winning his gold medal.
“He said he was going to keep it forever,” he said.