Students suspended over hash cookies


FIVE students from a secondary college in Casey were suspended after adding marijuana to cookie batter during a home economics class last week.
A spokesman from the Education Department confirmed that a two Year 9 and three Year 8 students from the school had taken the matter very seriously.
The spokesman asked the News not to print the name of the school as it could reinforce negative behaviour.
The students added a small amount of marijuana to their cookie batter while the teacher was helping others.
“The amount of marijuana added into the cookie batter was very small and none of the cookies were consumed by students,” the spokesman said.
“Students who attempted to eat the cookies spat them out due to an unpalatable taste.”
The spokesman said that when the school leadership team became aware of the incident, they immediately contacted parents and held a meeting with them.
“The school takes all matters of this kind very seriously, and the students were suspended for a minimum two days,” the spokesman said.
“When the students returned to school this week, they are scheduled to meet with the local Victoria Police youth resource officer, drug and alcohol education officer and an adolescent health worker.
“The department supports the school’s handling of the incident.”