Taste of country music

A trio, combined of Travis Sinclair, Carter and Carter and Jayne Denham will visit the Hallam Hotel to delight guests with a 'Taste of Tamworth.' 102492_01

A TASTE of Tamworth is going to visit the Hallam Hotel.
A trio of well-seasoned performers will visit the hotel on Friday 26 July for an almighty show.
Travis Sinclair, Carter and Carter and Jayne Denham will come to the hotel later this month and bring their own unique performances, before teaming up for a spectacular finale.
Sinclair has recorded two multi-award winning albums, both of which won him the Independent Country Album of the Year.
Carter and Carter continue to domninate the charts and the awards, attracing a large crowd wherever they go.
Denham is fast becoming one of Australias most respected and popular country music performers.
This show is quickly gaining a respected reputation for providing a high quality taste of Australia’s largest festival, Tamworth.
Three multi-award winning acts will come together for one big concert and it doesn’t happen very often.
The show will be at the hotel from 8.30pm onwards and tickets can be purchased for now $25.
For bookings, phone 8786 0200.