Calling Casey home

Mamad with his son Moein who was also recently made a citizen of Australia. 101546


ON average 1,430 people are made Australian Citizens in the City of Casey, each year.
The City of Casey Council hosts citizenship ceremonies every fortnight, which according to Mayor Amanda Stapledon, attract around 80 people to each event.
She said she has seen approximately 120 people at some events.
Cr Amanda Stapledon is always thrilled to see more people move to the area, and furthermore, become citizens of Australia.
“I believe people are choosing to make Casey their home because it’s a great place to live, work and raise a family,” Cr Stapledon said.
“Casey also has affordable housing, fantastic sporting and community facilities.”
Mohamad (Mamad) Hassan Amin was one of many migrants to be made a resident of the City of Casey this year.
On 20 March this year, the Narre Warren resident’s citizenship was approved, and later on 27 June, Mr Hassan Amin was presented with his certificate by Cr Amanda Stapledon.
Mamad’s son Moein was also made a citizen of Australia on the same night as his father.
Mr Hassan Amin came from overseas with his family in 2009 and wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Mamad said he likes the ’Aussie’ lifestyle.
“When I came here with my family we decided to stay here because we like the Aussie culture,” he said.
Initially, Mr Hassan Amin came here in 2005 for university, but this was only temporary.
Although he had permission to be here for two years, he only came for one, before quickly deciding he would go back and move his entire family to Australia.
“I went back and applied for a permanent residency (in Australia),” he said.
Mr Hassan Amin is just one example of many people who move into the City of Casey community, each year.
Cr Stapledon believes that not only is the City of Casey unique to reside in, but believes the ceremonies are as well.
“The breadth of nationalities represented makes our citizenship ceremonies unique,” she said.
“On average we have new citizens from over 20 different nationalities at each ceremony and that helps us to broaden our cultural perspective and embrace and celebrate diversity.”

Country of birth Residing in City of Casey (2011 figures)
United Kingdom 11,497
India 10,131
Sri Lanka 7,552
New Zealand 5,975
Afghanistan 4,439
Philippines 3,325
Mauritius 3,112
China 2,257
South Africa 1,929
Serbia/Montenegro 1,729