Spray and pay

FIRSTLY, Casey has become reactive instead of pro-active when it comes to graffiti removal and has become a very expensive graffiti removalist, and a slow one at that.
Rapid removal and penalties are the best deterrent and Casey is failing on both counts.
Casey appears to have lost the desire to ensure those who spray will pay through their own hip pocket and ensure they are locked up.
These vandals should be apprehended and also rounded up in a chain gang, to clean up their unwanted mess.
Secondly, Casey need to stop spending $100,000 plus on graffiti education programs in state schools, pass that expense over to the State Government and concentrate solely on graffiti removal, promoting the graffiti hotline, apprehension of vandals, and promote that graffiti removal is a free service in Casey, off private and commercial property, and stop shying away from using the media to promote their willingness to lock up vandals, and promote – if you spray, you will pay!
Steve Beardon,