Casey Fields a dilemma

In relation to ‘Casey Fields firms as favourite’ (online 8 November)

Colleen Jackson:
A poor decision by Casey Council. The council members need to practice what they have been preaching. They have decided to name a suburb after a sporting facility. Residents were advised that it could not be a name that was already in use. Casey Fields should never have been an option as a choice of name for a new suburb. Nothing wrong with the name itself but it is already in use by a fairly well known sporting complex. Trying to read through the council agenda for last night’s meeting has highlighted how absurd the decision is, so much information regarding Casey Fields but not one bit was relevant to the new suburb. Imagine the outcry if a suburb was named Etihad or MCG – same thing isn’t it?
Really disappointed. Casey Fields is a sporting complex not a suburb name. Guessing by the results that it was the council who did the vote counting.
Casey Fields will only cause more confusion to all services, postal etc. Ridgeway seemed to be a more favourable choice for us.
I would like to know who actually did vote for Casey Fields. No one I’ve come across yet.
Absolute disgrace. I really hope the people vote them out next election. They purposely held off making a decision until after this election but I don’t think they will escape it next election.
Would you believe this? Both the recent mayor Amanda Stapledon and current mayor Geoff Ablett said to me that they would never, ever go down this path.

In relation to ‘Mo time for burpees’ (Berwick News, 7 November):
Carmel: Yay Oliver! Your dedication to your cause and to your own health is just awesome. 1000 Burpees coming up.