Fun and games for a good cause

Toby and Noah with their 'Hoops 4 Days' arcade game creation. 143680 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


GIVING up something for the benefit of someone else has been the theme for the past four weeks at Haileybury in Berwick with 130 students sacrificing their lunch-time break for a good cause.
Having supported the depression and anxiety support service Beyondblue for many years, this year Adam Tobin head of boys middle school at Haileybury wanted to try something a bit different.
“I wanted to get the boys to donate something like their time rather than just donating money and buying something and I came across Caine Monroy’s YouTube video,” Mr Tobin said.
Basing their good work off nine-year-old Caine Monroy’s initiative, the Year 5 to 8 boys joined up in teams and designed and built arcade games out of cardboard to be played by other students and friends of the school.
“A donation of $2 will be made to play the games and we are hoping to raise about $600,” Mr Tobin said.
The majority of the games have been designed around a points system and Mr Tobin said the school will hand out some prizes to the best players.
“There’s a shooting a ball into a hoop game, a ski ball game which is rolling a ball into a target, and throwing balls into different targets to score points,” he explained.
The social justice initiative opens at the school on Thursday 3 September and will also be open on Friday 4 September for Father’s Day.

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