Plea for return of bicycle

The owner is desperate for the return of her bicycle.

By Brendan Rees

 A Narre Warren South woman is appealing for the return of a bicycle which holds enormous sentimental value to her.

The woman, who asked not to be named, posted on Facebook that her blue Sonar adult mountain bike was stolen from Harrington Drive and was “praying to get it back”.

She said it’s believed intruders stole the bike from her locked garage sometime between 24 September and 25 September.

“There is CCTV but my father has not checked it yet,” she said, adding there was no visible damage to the garage.

She said the bike, worth about $200, was more of sentimental value as it was the first bicycle she had taught her sister to ride and is pleading for it to be returned.

“My sister is 23 and has been fearful of bikes. I pleaded with her to let me teach her throughout our childhood and adolescence to no avail,” she said. “I finally got through to her and it was something to bring us closer together and bond on.

“She was adamant she will never learn and has been terrified. For me to be able to teach her as her only sibling, it meant the world to me.”

She said they even named the bicycle ‘sky blue’ together as “the colour reminded us of a clear and beautiful sky”.

She urged everyone in the community to keep an eye out for the bicycle, and warned neighbours to be vigilant of intruders roaming around their garages.

“No individual should feel unsafe in the confines of their own home. People work hard for all they own,” she said.

“It’s extremely disheartening when selfish people blatantly disregard this and help themselves as they please. I detest thieves and believe people reap what they sow.”

Anyone with information is urged to call 0481100525.