Gyms safe to work off Covid kilos

Gyms like Fit n Firm have plans to keep patrons Covid safe.

Spring is a time of increased activity in gyms around the country, but in Melbourne doubly so.

Due to the lockdown there has been a pent up demand for exercise. Sales of exercise equipment and diet products are at record levels as Melburnians finally get to shake off their Covid Kilos.

“There has been a huge amount of interest in our three gyms and classes,” said Fit n Firm Director, James Haupt.

“People are talking about their mental state more than ever and realizing the benefits of regular exercise on their minds more than their bodies. I’ve never seen this before.”

He believes his will be a common occurrence in gyms across Melbourne as regular gym attendance kicks off again.

Concerns about safety are upper most in people’s minds.

Gymnasiums are required to provide a Covid safe environment for both members and staff.

The State Government has given gyms a clear set of instructions to enforce a Covid Safe environment.

“It’s placed an extra burden on gymnasiums to ensure everyone is safe, but the last thing anyone wants is to see another outbreak,” Mr Haupt said.

“I think gyms everywhere will be very cautious about maintaining hygiene, even though it takes extra effort.

“We see the government recommendations as a minimum and exceed them whenever possible.”

In order to maintain a Covid safe environment people attending gyms need to contact their gym first or visit their website to find out what the requirements are. There will be changes.

People may need to book their workout time, take extra towels and some classes may not be running.

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