Speeding drivers not-so-Roadwise

Speeding far outstripped other offences in Casey over Operation Roadwise.

By Danielle Kutchel

Lead-footed drivers in Casey met their match over the festive break, netted by police as part of Operation Roadwise.

Operation Roadwise ran from 12.01am on Friday 18 December to 11.59pm on Wednesday 6 January.

Using an intelligence-based approach, police targeted busy periods, locations and major arterials where law-breaking drivers were expected to be.

Police maintained a highly visible presence to try and prevent dangerous behaviour and encourage people to observe the basics of road safety to prevent tragic outcomes like injury and death.

During the operation, police in the City of Casey recorded 150 speeding offences – by far the most common incident recorded.

They also found 48 unregistered vehicles and 13 unlicensed drivers.

It seems drivers in Casey are getting the message about using their phone while driving; only one mobile phone offence was recorded in the municipality, compared to 11 in neighbouring Greater Dandenong and three in Cardinia.

The operation also picked up 13 drink drivers, 12 drug drivers and 13 disqualified drivers.

Six vehicles were impounded.