Future of Casey drafted

The City of Casey has released a suite of strategic documents for the community to view.

By Danielle Kutchel

The City of Casey is seeking community input on its direction over the next four years, following the release of a suite of strategic documents.

At the council meeting on Tuesday 18 May, the City of Casey released a draft of its four-year council plan, which sets out the strategic direction for the council over the next four years.

It was accompanied by the council’s Draft Long Term Community Vision 2031, its Draft Annual Action Plan 2021-22 and the Draft City of Casey Budget 2021-22.

The council also released drafts of its 2021/22 Capital Works Program, its Draft 10-year Financial plan and its Revenue and Rating Plan.

Speaking at the council meeting, chair of administrators Noelene Duff said the suite of documents was the culmination of extensive work.

The council plan and community vision are both informed by the feedback gained in the City of Casey’s Shape Your City engagement program.

Shape Your City reached more than 6,600 people across various channels, including phone and online surveys, live community forums and hosted conversations.

From this engagement, five key themes emerged which have informed the strategic documents and the council’s new draft vision: ‘to become a more connected, bold, and resilient community’.

The themes include:

– Cleanliness and maintenance of public places and spaces

– Crime and safety

– Community connection

– Transport of all kinds

– Improving confidence in council

Ms Duff said the council was appreciative of the input provided by residents through Shape Your City.

“It really has led to a very rich outcome in terms of the proposed future direction of council over the next four years,” she said.

In moving the motion to approve the suite of documents for public exhibition, administrator Cameron Boardman said the plan demonstrated that the administrators were deeply invested in the community and committed to running it in the best interests of its stakeholders.

In a statement, Ms Duff said she hoped the documents “instil a sense of pride within our community.”

With the documents approved for public exhibition, residents are now invited to provide feedback on them.

The Draft Council Plan 2021-2025, Draft Long-Term Community Vision 2031 and Draft Budget 2021/22 will be open for consultation until Wednesday 2 June, after which time Council will consider all of the feedback and then formally adopt the documents at a Council meeting on 29 June 2021.

To have your say, find out what capital works projects are happening near you, and to read the strategic documents, visit the Casey Conversations website.