Hefty bill for ’frightening’ dog attack


By Cam Lucadou-Wells

An unemployed single father faces a bill of more than $13,500 after his pair of unregistered dogs attacked a woman and her German Shepherd in Noble Park North.

James Ohayon, of Narre Warren, pleaded guilty to his male pit-bull cross and female Staffordshire terrier cross being at large while injuring the pair of victims on 12 July.

Ohayon’s dogs had been kept in an illegally inhabited property at Jacksons Road at the time, Dandenong Magistrates’ Court heard on 7 October.

As she passed by, the victim saw the dogs run and attack her German Shepherd.

Her dog suffered multiple wounds to its legs and hind quarters, which required surgery.

While trying to break the dogs apart, the owner was bitten on the thigh by one of Ohayon’s dogs.

She screamed for help from bystanders to separate the canines.

Prosecutor Bec Goddard from the City of Greater Dandenong said the German Shepherd’s injuries were legally classified as “serious”.

She said council officers discovered Ohayon’s dogs behind a driveway gate secured with bike locks on the day of the attack.

The yard was riddled with several areas where the dogs could escape, Ms Goddard said.

The next day the “aggressive” dogs were seized by officers. They have since been locked in a pound for 174 days, accruing fees of $8421.60.

Ohayon was ordered to pay the pound fees as well as $2670 compensation for the victim’s veterinary costs and $129.30 statutory costs to the council.

He was further convicted and fined $2000 for the criminal charges.

Magistrate Suzette Dootjes said she took into account Ohayon’s financial position, his guilty pleas as well as the seriousness of the attack in setting the fine.

“It must have been frightening for the woman who saw your dogs come and attack her dog.

Ohayon surrendered his dogs to Greater Dandenong Council.

The dogs were previously registered to a Narre Warren address with City of Casey. Their registrations lapsed this year.

Ohayon pleaded not guilty to further charges related to his dogs allegedly biting a kelpie in Narre Warren on 1 July.

The matter was adjourned until 2 December.