Parking nightmare for Berwick businesses

Berwick business owners and staff are frustrated by two hour parking limits.

By Jamie Salter

Berwick Village businesses are petitioning for Casey City Council to change time limits in the Adams Lane car park after copping one too many parking fines.

There are a limited number of two hour parking spots at Berwick Village, with staff having nowhere to park for an entire work day.

Zealous on High hair salon owner Anna Marcello recently received a parking fine and said two hours was not enough time for her customers to get their hair done.

“There’s about 20 all-day car spots for the whole area,” Ms Marcello said.

“It’s not good enough and I think we need to do something.”

Ms Marcello’s five staff members are forced to move their cars every two hours to avoid being fined.

“Everybody wants it sorted, it’s not fair on us or the customers,” Ms Marcello said.

“I’m new to Berwick and I have people coming from all over, and they’re being pushed away.

“It’s Christmas and people need to be coming to Berwick.”

Ray White Berwick director Matt Doyle said parking has been a problem in the area for a long time.

“My office staff have received about three fines in one week,” Mr Doyle said.

“One is a 20 year old girl who received a $91 fine – that wipes out a day’s wage.”

Berwick Footwear owner Marian Pellissier said it was frustrating to find a park everyday.

“If people can park at Fountain Gate all day for free, why would you come to Berwick to get fined $91?

“Two hours isn’t enough time.”

City of Casey acting manager city and asset planning Joanna Noesgaard said two-hour parking proved fairer in providing parking opportunities for the full range of local needs.

“Parking supply in our activity centres is designed to accommodate the needs of business staff, customers, and other short-term users,” Ms Noesgaard said.

“The strategic intention for this precinct is to provide for a diverse mix of land uses, improve pedestrian connectivity and customer experience, and attract retail businesses for the long-term sustainability of the centre.

“Given this, across the site there are a range of one-hour, two-hour and all-day parking options and council continues to advocate and support the State Government in delivering improved public transport services to provide alternative options to travel across Casey; especially improved bus services to activity centres.”

In 2019, council completed a parking occupancy survey in Berwick Village which indicated the overall parking supply was near saturation during the lunchtime peak, with limited opportunities in the two-hour and all-day parking areas.

“Changing two-hour parking to unrestricted parking or three-hour parking would likely have a negative impact on customers, which in turn would affect local businesses,” Ms Noesgaard said.