Edelweiss Casey Choir welcomes the New Year

Edelweiss Casey Choir at a recent performance held in 2021.

Edelweiss Casey Choir recently held an online performance to celebrate the end of a successful year.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, the choir changed its originally-planned live New Year Celebration Performance ‘Hello, 2022!’ to an online recital held on December 30, 2021.

Many government officials, friends from all walks of life and community residents were invited to attend the event and Member for Chisholm Gladys Liu delivered an ebullient New Year’s speech.

Victoria Chinese Federation president Hengyu Qian thought very highly of Edelweiss Casey Choir, who has been abiding by its core values of ‘elegance, intellectuality, realism and warmth’ during periods of lockdown in continuing its weekly practice and rehearsal via Zoom meetings and presenting a wonderful online gala evening for Victorians, and especially for residents of Casey.

The members of Edelweiss Casey Choir performed many wonderful items including solo, chorus, recitation of soundtrack poems, Beijing Opera, Yue Opera, instrumental ensemble and more.

The whole program was rich and colourful and was applauded at length by its audience.

The evening concluded with best prayers and cheerful wishes of ‘Happy New Year: May the New Year 2022 bless you with health, wealth, and happiness’.