Unsafe hoon cars blitzed

A car is clamped by a Sherrif's officer at Fountain Gate during Operation Hades.

A weekend multi-agency blitz has resulted in rows of clamped and impounded cars in Casey and Greater Dandenong.

Operation Hades targeted high risk driving and non-compliant vehicles, including modified vehicles used in hooning, in Springvale and Narre Warren.

It follows a road toll of 19 fatalities across Casey, Cardinia and Greater Dandenong so far this year.

During the two-night operation on 17-18 November, 345 issues were identified, including 79 defective vehicles.

Dandenong Achilles Taskforce Sergeant Paul Holtzinger said modified vehicles were often seen in hoon events in the area and many were “not fit to be on our roads”.

“They not only cause unnecessary risk on our streets, but also creates a feeling of intimidation and unease in the community.

“Police and residents are also fed up with the excessive noise emanating from these vehicles.”

“We hold extensive intelligence on those connected to local hooning activities – if they decide to endanger others on the road, we’ll be there waiting for them.”

During the op, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) conducted noise pollution tests and identified non-compliant after-market modifications on cars.

The EPA issued 11 fines for vehicles and motorcycles exceeding the permitted noise level – each valued at $961.

A 17-year-old male L-plater was issued two fines for allegedly taking part in hoon behaviour, and unlawful behaviour on council land.

This related to a vehicle that was found to be defective, which then failed an EPA noise emission test.

Also during the blitz, police detected the following:

• 57 vehicles failed to comply with registration standards. The drivers were each penalised $769, totalling $43,833.

• Seven drivers testing positive to methylamphetamine or cannabis.

• Three drivers returning a positive breath-test reading.

• 40 drivers caught speeding.

• Four drivers caught behind the wheel while disqualified, and another three unlicensed.

• Four drivers failing to comply with a traffic sign or signal, while another four caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

• 11 unregistered vehicles

• Five vehicles impounded

• A further 24 traffic offences detected.

A 25-year-old man was also charged for allegedly possessing a drug of dependence.

A 19-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer. She was released on summons.

The operation was supported by the Sheriff’s Office of Victoria which recouped outstanding fines and clamped cars.

The Sheriff’s Office served seven-day notices on 58 motorists relating to 953 warrants valued at a combined $436,294.

This included 16 vehicles that were clamped due to almost $185,000 of unpaid fines connected to outstanding warrants.

A total of $81,000 was immediately recouped from motorists over the two nights, with the remainder to be paid in seven days or on payment plans.

Greater Dandenong and Casey councils issued three infringement notices for drivers displaying unlawful signs and two parking fines.

Similar operations are expected in the future.