Drink-drivers blitzed on Monash Fwy


Thirty-nine alleged drink-drivers have been caught during a two-night police operation on Monash Freeway.

On Friday and Saturday night, police conducted 3030 preliminary breath tests as part of Operation Colossus.

One of the offenders returned a blood-alcohol reading of 0.117.

Three drivers were also detected drug driving from 44 preliminary oral fluid tests.

Police impounded six vehicles and caught six drivers who were either unlicensed, disqualified or suspended.

Sergeant Alastair Clement, of Greater Dandenong Highway Patrol, said it was “disappointing” to detect “far too many motorists for drink and drug driving”.

“Choosing to drink and drive, or take drugs and drive, demonstrates blatant disregard not only for your own safety but the safety of your passengers and all other road users.

“It’s evident we caught a lot of motorists off guard with Operation Colossus over the weekend – so if you think you won’t be caught, think again.”

First-time drink-drivers – fully licensed, over 26 years and a blood-alcohol reading between 0.05 and 0.07 – face a $577 fine and on-the-spot three-month licence suspension.

The penalties are harsher for under 26 years, on zero alcohol licences, repeat offenders and higher blood-alcohol readings.

They face larger fines, longer suspensions, alcohol interlocks, court appearances and jail time for the most serious breaches.

Operation Colossus was conducted by Southern Metro Division 3 Highway Patrol, with support from uniform members, State Highway Patrol and Road Policing Drug and Alcohol Section.

Police say they are set to continue drink-driving operations, including a statewide road policing blitz in December.