Tempo at Bunjil

Performers jumping out of a grand piano. Picture: IAN SUTHERLAND.

Through flips, juggling, balancing acts and daring dives, the Flying Fruit Fly Circus is looking to put on a masterful performance at Bunjil Place on 23 March.

With an ensemble of young performers aged 12 to 18, the show, titled Tempo, promises to deliver all the quirks of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, with aerial displays, acrobatic feats and their trademark knockout humour.

The Flying Fruit Fly’s artistic director Anni Davey said that they are “so excited to bring Tempo to audiences around Australia.”

“These precociously talented acrobats are the circus superstars of the future!” Ms Davey said.

The circus act itself will feature no dialogue, but will be filled with stunts, juggling and music as the performers weave in, out and around the stage.

The first performance was held in the Melbourne Arts Centre between the dates of 17 to 20 January.

After Bunjil Place, further performances are planned at the Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo between 27 to 28 March, which will mark their last acts in the state.

For more information and earlier tour dates throughout the state, visit fruitflycircus.com.au/performance/tempo/