Log hollows join Hall Road upgrade


By Emma Xerri

Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) is hoping to create more shelter for local wildlife across their recently completed Hall Road Upgrade Project Area through the installation of several carved log hollows.

By staying drier and better insulated, and providing refuge for wildlife in cold and hot weather, these suspended tree log hollows are an improvement on traditional nest boxes, and will provide more nesting options for local wildlife species.

The hollows have been placed in areas lacking natural hollows in existing trees, with seven installed along Taylors Road, and another two installed west of the McCormicks Road intersection.

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different species of birds and possums, the hollows join the fauna habitat logs previously installed around the bases of local trees, which seek to improve the habitats of ground fauna including mammals and reptiles.

While MRPV urges that every effort is made to preserve as many trees as possible during their works, initiatives like the log hollows allow for the timber to be repurposed as part of MRPV’s commitment under their Timber Reuse Program.