Motorists ‘failing’ at basics of driving

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New Victoria Police analysis shows more than 24,000 infringements were issued in a single year for some of the simplest of road rules.

The force is urging people to focus on the foundations of good driving, warning even minor mistakes or inattention can have catastrophic consequences.

Such single acts of non-compliance typically account for more than half of road deaths each year.

The analysis – covering the latest financial year – shows almost 8000 infringements were issued for motorists failing to obey traffic lights alone.

This includes running red lights, ignoring amber lights and disobeying traffic lane signals.

A further 3000 drivers failed to obey stop signs.

Behaviour at intersections was of particular concern.

There were 2000 infringements for failing to give way at intersections and 1300 for ignoring give way signs.

Roundabouts appeared a mystery to many who entered them from the wrong lane, ignored traffic arrows and didn’t give way when they were supposed to.

To the continued astonishment of police, 4300 fines were issued for people not wearing a seatbelt or not wearing one properly.

Victoria Police hopes releasing the figures will prompt road users to think about their behaviour and how it affects the safety of others – especially people walking, riding bikes and on motorcycles.

Infringements: 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023

Fail to obey traffic lights – includes running red lights, ignoring amber lights and ignoring traffic lane signals: 7984

Fail to wear seatbelt or not wearing one properly: 4284

Fail to obey stop sign: 2935

Fail to drive sufficient distance behind vehicle: 2177

Fail to give way at intersection: 2023

Fail to have headlights and taillights on at night: 1718

Fail to obey give way sign: 1306

Fail to indicate: 833

Fail to give way at roundabout: 511

Enter blocked intersection or one likely to become blocked: 106

Overtake vehicle on left or at unsafe distance: 100

Enter roundabout from wrong marked lane/line or disobey traffic lane arrows in roundabout: 91

Fail to keep left of oncoming vehicle: 60

Fail to indicate at roundabout: 45

Fail to obey keep left or keep right sign: 11