Reality checks bite hard for Berwick

Bob Gladman skipped his Berwick rink to a six-shot win over Ferntree Gully. 267271 Pictures: ROB CAREW


SIDE 1 – Division 1 Section 4

Def by Cheltenham 1 (home) 60-97 (0 points)

After an encouraging start in round one, Side 1 got a reality check at home against a strong Cheltenham side. Peter Hodgson and Graeme Manifold fought hard to stay close going down by three and two respectively, Ed Wilson’s rink battled all day and went down by eight, but the loss on Rich’s rink was unacceptable at Div 1 level going down by 24. Consistency over time may see the rink stay together for another week, but it wouldn’t surprise to see many changes this week. Will the selectors provide opportunity or go with a similar look against Mulgrave away. As mentioned, it could be a tough year for the Div 1 side if they can’t bank some early wins but dropping multiples across rinks won’t see wins come any time soon. Not making any predictions at this point but the ones need massive improvement and need it quickly.

SIDE 2 – Division 2 Section 8

Def by Burden Park 1 (away) 65-97 (2 points)

It was again a bad day, also for the twos. Off to Burden Park on perfect greens, but facing a challenging wind, the twos looked a class below the Burden Park 1s side. Only Cliff Fothergill’s rink with Dave Fitzpatrick, David Reddy and Ron Lake could provide any positives, getting up 25-16. The two’s host Dandenong Club 3 this weekend at home. They have started well with two big wins so they’ve got their work cut out again this week. Getting on the track together this week will be good, but like the ones, early wins are important for the twos to gain some confidence and a realistic chance of being involved in March.

SIDE 3 Division 3 Section 8

Def by Hampton Park 1 (home) 74-75 (6 points)

It’s always tough to stomach winning three out of four rinks but not coming out in front on the big board at the end of the day. Robert Morley, Chris Jones and Bill Stilo all got the points by two, one and five and with one bowl to come for the day by Hampton Park, Berwick 3s were holding the overall game by a shot. Enter the Hampton Park 1 skip, which had one option to drive and kill the end, or crack an egg on the shot bowl, to rip it out, and take the game. Although the delivery didn’t look the best, and it bounced three times before rolling, it was dead on, taking out the shot bowl sitting on the jack…and not moving the jack! Game over and the threes go down by a shot. An awesome effort by all in the threes and hosting Parkdale 2 who haven’t won a game yet, will need to the win.

SIDE 4 Division 4 Section 8

Def Ferntree Gully 2 (home) 78-70 (14 points)

Great effort by the fours this week getting up over Gully’s second side and taking 14 points to get their season well underway. Bob Gladman continues to defy age and skipped his rink to a win by six as well as Paul Hunt winning well by 14. Trevor Tormey and John Kleverlaan rinks kept close enough by going down to give the fours a winning chance. The fours head to Churchill Waverley Golf to play their top side this weekend. They’ve been ok, with a win and a loss, so the fours can go there with great confidence and big chance of the win.

SIDE 5 Division 5 Section 8

Def by Mulgrave 4 (away) 54-120 (2 points)

OUCH! Three big losses contributed to the 66-shot hiding by the fives! With 24, 22, 15 and five-shot losses across the four rinks, leaves the selectors with a lot to think about this week! Nice grass greens and synthetic greens shouldn’t be an issue for the Berwick bowlers as we’ve got four of the best in Melbourne to train on. Yes, they were tricky conditions for all sides on the weekend, but opposition clubs seem to be handling them pretty well. This is a big reason to get sides together and work together during the week to come up with some significant game plans to try and negate sides that are getting on top. The fives host Noble Park 2 at home this week and, like a few of our sides, must improve significantly to be competitive.

SIDE 6 Division 6 Section 8

Def by Dandenong Club (home) 72-89 (2 points)

The sixes tried hard on the weekend against a strong Dandy Club 4 side who took to the synthetic well. Unfortunately, with both grass greens full already with the higher sides, the sixes would’ve preferred the grass against Dandy Club but it wasn’t to be. Avril Steere’s rink tried hard all day for a win, going down by only three; Terry Wood down by four and Keith Dargie down by five. This week they’re off to Sandringham, who has yet to hit the winners list, so hopefully the sixes can come away with a win to get their season going.

SIDE 7 Division 8 Section 4

Def Cranbourne 5 (home) 71-43 (14 points)

The best result for the day was our seventh side who trounced Cranbourne 5. Great wins to Herb Tinschert’s rink and also Phil Giles rink saw them do enough to put a big gap between the two sides and Ron McGrath was very serviceable in the other rink going down by only a shot. The sevens are away this week to Parkdale 4 so we’re backing them to bring home the points on what is a very similar green to our Green 3.


After two rounds it’s a little early to announce a struggling season but, unless the seven sides can work harder together on the training track, things could get ugly quickly.

Each bowler has an obligation to their team mates to be the best they can so get out on the track and work hard on your skills and drills.

Maybe we can turn around the losses quickly and get the season underway in a strong positive way.

Early wins will be important to ensure we can be competitive at the pointy end.

-John Rich-