Pumped up Panthers on top

From left, Gary Farrington, Dianne McLeod, Scott Butterworth and Ana Mateos had a 19-shot win in mid-week pennant bowls. 376651 Picture: SUPPLIED


In an outstanding start to the season Narre Warren’s top Saturday side has recorded six wins from six outings to sit two games clear at the top of the ladder.

On Saturday it was the top team playing the second placed team and once again the Panthers delivered the goods against Keysborough with a convincing away win, 88-60.

Narre Warren’s only two losing sides both played away and one of these teams only lost by three shots on the difficult Cranbourne greens.

Once again, there is good news to report about the Development Squad who is continuing to defeat much stronger and more experienced opponents.

A huge victory of 107-46 for this team sees them currently sitting in second place on the ladder.

Both rinks of the week came from this team with Mitchell McCauley, Glenn McCauley, Gary Farrington and replacement skip Craig Moore (who was making a return after major surgery) winning by 22 shots.

Special mention also needs to be made of the rink of Pauline Blake, David Entwistle, Paul Stevenson and skip Peter Wills who won by 21 shots.

Despite a couple of losses, the six Saturday teams are still well placed on the various ladders, with Team-1 in first place, well ahead of the second-placed team.

Team-2 is in fifth place, and Team-3 – the Development Squad – is sitting in second place.

Team-4 is also sitting in second place, despite a narrow away loss, and Team 5 is currently finds itself in fifth place.

Team-6 is sitting in third place despite an away loss.

These are fantastic results as Narre Warren approaches the midway point of the season.

Our mid-week teams are also putting in very strong performances with three sides out of four posting strong wins and one away loss.

The standout side in mid-week teams is that of Ana Mateos, Dianne McLeod, Gary Farrington and Scott Butterworth.

They won by 19 shots in a winning margin of 87-37.

Butterworth has made the transition from an outstanding lead to a very competent skip, and he is very ably assisted by his team.

Look Out The Panthers Are Coming For You!

Saturday Pennant – Round 6

Side 1: (Away) defeated Keysborough 88-60

Points: 16. Ladder: 1st

Best rink: Chris Stubbings; Geoff Bailey; Colin Groom and Cameron Bell: +18

Side 2: (Home) defeated Beaumaris 77-72

Points: 14. Ladder: 5th

Best rink: Michael Black; Fernando Mateos; David Wood and Wilma Stevenson: +5

Side 3: (Home) defeated Carrum 107-46

Points: 18. Ladder: 2nd

Best rink: Mitch McCauley; Glenn McCauley; Gary Farrington and Craig Moore: +22

Special mention: Pauline Blake; David Entwistle; Paul Stevenson and Peter Wills: +21

Side 4: (Away) lost to Cranbourne 66-69

Points: 2. Ladder: 2nd

Best rink: Joe Selfridge; Joe McGuire; Lorraine Marsden and Eric Marsden: +9

Side 5: (Home) defeated Pakenham 82-72

Points: 16. Ladder: 5th

Best rink: Gerry Van Eerden; Graham Saunders; Dean George and Gary Wilson: +15

Side 6: (Away) lost to Pakenham 68-82

Points: 2. Ladder: 3rd

Best rink: Kery Cadman; Wendy Henkel; Marcus Thorn and Andy Tobler: +11


Side 1: Skip Craig Moore +22 (Div 4 Sect 7)

Midweek Pennant – Round 5

Side 1: (Home) defeated Brighton 87-37

Points: 16. Ladder: 1st

Best rink: Ana Mateos; Dianne McLeod; Gary Farrington and Scott Butterworth: +19

Side 2: (Away) lost to Parkdale 41-61

Points: 0. Ladder: 8th

Best rink: Judith Naughton; Les Clement; Lorraine Marsden and Wilma Stevenson: -4

Side 3: (Away) defeated Churchill Waverley Golf 67-52

Points: 14. Ladder: 4th

Best rink: Kery Cadman; Denise Cole; Tom O’Loughlin and Wally Finlayson: +10

Side 4: (Home) defeated Pakenham 69-60

Points: 14. Ladder: 2nd

Best rink: Len O’Brien; David Inifer; Peter Anderton and Gary Wilson: +17


Side 1: Skip S. Butterworth: +19 (Div 2 Sec 7)

-Eric Sydenham-