Blaze quelled by fired-up Demons

The defensive prowess of Sharni Lambden helped Casey Demons to a nine-goal victory over North East Blaze. 407623 Picture: GRANT TREEBY/NETBALL VICTORIA

Casey Demons have emerged victorious with a powerful performance over North East Blaze securing the four points with a 68-59 win.

From the outset the Casey Demons displayed focus and determination in a physical match, capitalising on their defensive prowess to convert turnovers into decisive scoring opportunities.

Key to the Demons’ triumph was the standout performance of Emma Ryde at Goal Shooter, who demonstrated remarkable accuracy and consistency, notching an impressive 45 goals at an outstanding 92-percent conversion rate.

Ryde’s clinical finishing played a pivotal role in maintaining the Demons’ offensive momentum throughout the match.

Poppy Douglass also made significant contributions, tirelessly driving plays from the Wing Attack position and contributing to the team’s best centre pass conversion rate of the season.

Douglass’s relentless work ethic and strategic play were instrumental in setting up scoring opportunities and maintaining control of the game.

Coach Steve Murray expressed satisfaction with his team’s execution, emphasising their ability to swiftly refocus after any errors.

The Demons’ united effort and commitment paid dividends as they managed to secure a convincing nine-goal victory over the third-placed Blaze.

The victory not only showcased the Demons’ skill and teamwork but also underscored their resilience and ability to deliver under pressure on the championship stage.

Casey Demons now look ahead to Round 11, where it takes on Western Warriors for Pride Round.

The Championship group will be keen to turn around the result of their first encounter while the 23-Under side will be keen to get back on the winner’s list.

It’s a big week with VNL matches on Wednesday, Sunday, Wednesday, which will require our Demons team to carefully manage the load of our athletes.

Regional round will be hosted by Peninsula Waves on Sunday, with six VNL clubs making their way to Jubilee Park for an afternoon of top-quality netball.

-Rebekah Bogos-