Hyland celebrates 200

Tegen Hyland celebrated game 200 for the Cannons on the weekend. 408035 Picture: ROB CAREW.

By Jonty Ralphsmith

Casey Cannons stalwart Tegen Hyland celebrated her 200th game on Saturday in Casey’s 1-0 loss to Toorak East Malvern.

An excellent clubperson whose family is well-connected at the club, Hyland has been a key cog for the Cannons on and off the field throughout her career.

Hyland started in the firsts in 2015 and has since contributed reliably and is consistently looking to improve both herself and her teammates.

“She’s a great player and club representative,” said coach Andrew Harris.

“She plays at right-half and is a really important player to the club.

“She promotes the club in a positive way and is a really good person – she’s always there for people around the club so it was good that we performed well, despite the result, on a big day for her.”

While Casey’s women lost a tight tussle against Toorak East Malvern on Saturday, the battle against a team which was last season competing in Premier League highlighted plenty of positives.

While Toorak East Malvern had more short corners, both teams had their share of the play after a gritty 0-0 first half.

“We definitely held our own,” said Harris.

“A lot of the things we were working on at training around pressuring them when they had the ball came through during the game.”

After Toorak East Malvern scored in the third quarter, Casey immediately responded with ascendancy in general play, though were unable to put it on the scoreboard.

“A lot of the structures we’ve been building towards to compete against the better sides really stood up which was good to see.”

Keeping the second highest scoring team of the season to just one goal was an enormous result for the Cannons, despite not emerging with the points.

The next step for Casey will be bringing the level of intensity they have against top sides in recent weeks when they play in more winnable fixtures.

Despite perennially challenging the top sides and threatening to cause an upset, they have also had to endure several danger games they would be favoured to win with their talent.

The coach highlighted fullback Michaela Bullock and centre-mid Sam Wagg, the latter who was pitted against her old side.

Sitting at eighth spot on the Vic League 1 table, the next three weeks will be decisive in the context of their season, given where the sides sit on the ladder.

Meanwhile, the men had a 3-1 win over Bayside and are currently sitting second, but are just five points clear of seventh-place.