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BATS Theatre Company production will present One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, opening July 15. Photo: supplied.

BATS Theatre Company returns to the Cranbourne Community Theatre with their production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest opening July 15. The play is based on the Ken Kesey novel that inspired the 1975 cult classic with Jack Nicholson where we meet Randle Patrick McMurphy, a firecracker sent to the asylum in place of going to prison for his illegal activities. Here he is introduced to the infamous Nurse Ratched for a battle of the wills, while the two butt heads the other patients are often caught in the crossfires waiting to see who leaves victorious.

BATS has been rehearsing the play since April and is very happy to bring this classic to life with a fantastic cast and production team. The cast range from newer performers through to seasoned professionals all working together to create a fantastic show. The show works through some confronting topics in relation to mental health and is helmed by Jaimie McAllister, an experienced mental health professional, with the support of Leah Osburn and Jennifer White.

Michael Fenemore’s portrayal of the one and only Randle Patrick McMurphy is not to be missed, his enthusiasm and passion for the role and the show itself really rips R P McMurphy off the page and introduces him to the Cranbourne Community Theatre. The wider cast on the project include Genevieve Tobin as Nurse Ratched, David Krause as Dale Harding, and rounded out by Alan Gordon as Billy Bibbit, the young and vulnerable patient who becomes a casualty of war.

The show runs from Friday, 15 July to Sunday, 24 July at the Cranbourne Community Theatre. Tickets available at batstheatre.org.au