No worries, mate

FOR months before the recent election, I listened to the complaints of many residents in Holt, about how bad the Labor Government was performing and how people were adversely affected.
With this as a background setting to my comments, the following observations absolutely amaze me.
Of a voting population of 95,212, some 43,096 people were so happy with the performance of the Labor Government over the last six years, they were prepared to suffer another three years of lies and dysfunction, by voting for them again.
Perhaps some of these naive people were actually voting for the incumbent, Anthony Byrne, not being aware that he was part of the problem. He was in total agreement with the government on all issues and policies. Never once did he stand up and be counted, by voting down any of the ridiculous policies that Labor put forward. Definitely a “yes man” for Labor. During his years in government, what, if any, of his achievements really stand out as a benefit for the people of Holt?
Then comes the 5,789 people who voted for the “Cowards Party”, which came in third on numbers, even beating the Greens and PUP parties. I speak here of those who placed an informal vote, the majority of whom not having the guts to stand up and make an informed decision, one way or another, on which party was best equipped to run our country for the next three years. Perhaps this group do not deserve to have a democratic right to vote. Perhaps they just don’t care what happens to our people and our country.
Life in general has become just too easy in this country, particularly with the welfare mentality that has been allowed to flourish over recent years, things are just taken for granted. She’ll be right, mate!
Owen Carlton,
Narre Warren.