Socially speaking

In regards to Touched by Little Talin (Berwick News, 21 November):

Melissa is more than a little mad, she is making a huge, huge difference.
In my mind and others she is truly inspiring.
I met Melissa through that very special boy Talin. A boy who I also never met but moved me deeply.
I look forward to walking with Melissa on a small leg of the massive one she is undertaking.
All who know her must be so proud of her fight and pledge to make a difference.
Kaylene Rocha, via web.

In regards to Shopping Centre’s $110m Revamp:

Would love a Big W included thanks, it would be fantastic.
Leanne, via web.

If Hungry Jacks could be placed in, that would be greatly appreciated.
Riley, via web.

KFC and a Hungry Jacks please.
Yannick, via web