They said it: The best of 2017 quotes part 2

Tracie Schmutter with a replica NBN node cabinet. 166460_07 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

The things people say.
They can amuse you or make you grind your teeth.
But nothing brings a story to life like a bold quote.
Here are some of the best for 2017:

“It’s a telecom party.”
Resident Tracie Schmutter describes NBN Co’s plan to install an olive-green node next to another Telstra node in front of her home. NBN Co backed down from its plan.
“We need to stick to those things that local government is very good at – that is rates, roads and rubbish.”
Casey councillor Gary Rowe, as Casey Council refrains from entering the same-sex marriage debate. Two weeks earlier, it attracted widespread uproar at its push for compulsory national service for 18-year-olds.
“Each one of you should be deeply, deeply ashamed for the serious abuse of hospitality … shown to you in Australia which has provided refuge for you and your families.”
County Court judge Frances Hogan chides three young refugees who used a shotgun and machetes to hold up a terrified servo attendant in Narre Warren.
“They smoke the whole street. Every night, it’s on!”
A resident describes the regular hoon acts at Prospect Hill Road, Narre Warren.
“Losers In Exile”
Cr Aziz again on the attack. This was his colourful description of Casey Residents and Ratepayers Association, which criticised the $125 million Bunjil Place’s value-for-money.
“Had this been someone else other than me, people wouldn’t have heard boo (about this case).”
Cr Aziz, again, after being spared conviction for breaching an intervention order.

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