By Brendan Rees

A teenager has been left heartbroken after thieves allegedly stole his beloved KTM bike in Narre Warren South.
Jackson Prvulj, 16, was given the $1600 bike as a birthday present two years ago but on Tuesday 9 December it was allegedly pinched outside Casey Central Shopping Centre.
His mum, Sandra said Jackson was with his brother, Ricky and two friends where they had locked their bikes outside Coles at about 4.30pm when the thieves pounced.
“They came out about 45 minutes later and three of the four bikes were gone.”
She said police arrived and scoured CCTV footage from Coles and identified three Sudanese youths believed to have been involved in the theft.
A passer-by witnessed some youths leave Casey Central and dump a BMX at a nearby park before fleeing when police arrived, she said.
“It just happened there was a gentleman and his wife that were walking from shops up to the park to go home and they yelled out to the kids when they dumped the two bikes and took off.”
“The police came and grabbed the bikes from the kids but they didn’t match the description on the CCTV. They (youths) reckon they found the bikes dumped in the park,” she said.
“One of my son’s bikes was returned and his mate’s bike. Of course the expensive one is still missing unfortunately”
Ms Prvulji posted a desperate plea on Facebook’s Casey Crime Page for the return of the bike which is described as black and orange in colour with a Cranbourne Cycles sticker on it.
“Keep a look out for my son’s bike,” she said in the post.
“This happened to two of my son’s and their mates who were very distressed by the whole incident.”
She said Jackson had been riding his bike everyday during the school holidays.
“It’s disgraceful. I don’t care what nationality they are they have not right to help themselves to other people’s belongings,” Ms Prvulj said.
“These poor kids were devastated.”

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