Psychologist slams Casey’s “brainwashing”

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Leading child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has dropped out of a City of Casey forum against the State Government’s Building Respectful Relationships school program, describing it as a “brain-washing exercise”.
An “angry and disappointed” Dr Carr-Gregg said he’d accepted an invitation to be part of the 19 April public event on the basis of a “balanced debate”.
The panel’s composition however had “no balance at all”, he said.
“I think City of Casey owe me an apology. It’s used my name and reputation to promote what sounds like a brain-washing exercise.
“They need to take a hard look at themselves.
“It’s incredible that in this day and age we can have that blinkered way of thinking.”
In June 2017, Casey councillors voted to lobby against the Building Respectful Relationships curriculum due to its “premature sexualisation” of young people and “sexual political agenda”.
The impending forum was born from that motion.
Dr Carr-Gregg said the panel lacked a representative from the Royal Childrens’ Hospital and the LGBTI community.
Though he disagreed with “aspects” of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program, he said the program’s proponents had a right to be heard.
The panel includes three parents against the program – one who claims her child was admitted to hospital with an anxiety attack as a result of the curriculum.
Casey conservative councillor Rosalie Crestani, also a panellist at the forum, said “it’s very difficult to deny a mother’s story”.
“What does she have to gain by exposing herself and her family to public scrutiny?”
There had been efforts to inject more balance with unrequited invitations to child psychologist Steve Biddulph, Education Minister James Merlino as well as Dr Carr-Gregg, Cr Crestani said.
She said no invitations were sent to representatives of the LGBTI community. “It may have been an uncomfortable situation for the LGBTI community to be on that panel.”
There would be opportunity for questions and varying opinions from the floor, she said.
“If you look at (ABC TV’s) Q&A you very rarely see a fully balanced panel. Conservatives are left off or one is left in a lonesome situation,” Cr Crestani said.
“I fully understand Dr Carr-Gregg’s position. He would have still had the opportunity for him to speak, drawing on his 30 years of experience.
“We press ahead.”
Dr Carr-Gregg’s place on the panel has been taken by conservative ethicist and writer Bill Muehlenberg who wrote Dangerous Relations: The Threat of Homosexuality.
Mr Muehlenberg was a “detailed researcher” who had written “evidence” and “statistically”-based books on the subject area, she said.
Since withdrawing from the panel on 12 April, Dr Carr-Gregg was taken aback that he had yet to receive a response, explanation or an apology from the council.
“This is not the Casey Council I’ve known and done a lot of work for in the past.
“I conclude that the council members either don’t care or they are just rude.”
He said that he would still take part in a talk on Building Respectful Relationships at Pakenham Library on 16 April.
Councillor Wayne Smith, who opposed Casey’s stance on the program, refused to be part of the panel. He described it as being founded on “ignorance” and “radical Christian ideology”.
A high-school teacher, Cr Smith has observed the Building Respectful Relationships program cut down on homophobic bullying against LGBTI students.
“I work with a lot of kids in the LGBTI community. They have issues with being bullied, not being respected and not being included.
“So we ran Respectful Relationships for kids to know about this community.
“It’s not about promoting sexuality, just that anyone should be respected regardless of their race, religion, colour and sexual orientation.”
Cr Smith said Casey underestimated the overwhelming majority of Australians who “completely agree” with same-sex marriage.
“My view is this debate has been hijacked by political parties and right-wing Christian groups inside and outside of council.”


  1. From, a self described “faith ministry”

    December 7, 2017 will go down as a day in infamy, as I wrote yesterday. Fake marriage was voted through in the Federal Parliament, after several days of debate in which various amendments were all voted down. Sodomy has been legalised while freedoms of all kinds have been declared to be worthless in the eyes of most politicians.

    Yesterday was one of the most despicable days in Australian history, and it certainly will go down as the day the federal Liberal Party died.

    Yet he treads on dangerously leftist ground

    In the same way there are various sexuality-related aberrations because of the Fall. For example, there are some genuine cases of the intersex condition in which the normal sexual development of male and female goes awry. As I put it in my review of the new book on transgenderism by Ryan Anderson:

    So there are a very small percentage of people born with ambiguous genitalia, the incomplete development of reproductive organs, and the like.

    Tachng such facts – that intersex people exist – is a major part of the Safe Schools curriculum, despite contradicting many people’s deeply and sincerely held religious convictions, and these facts being against both the US Republican formal policy, and recently, a resolution by the Geelong branch of the Liberal Party copying that policy.

    The physical safety and welfare of Intersex children is not on pastor Muhlenberg’s agenda. After all, they are products of the fall, if not exactly the spawn of Satan.

    Those less religiously inclined might differ, but the council has ensured these heretics aren’t present.

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    • Where is your evidence, Zoe, that people have “deeply and sincerely held religious convictions” that intersex people don’t exist? I suspect that you just made that up.

      And again, where is your evidence that the US Republican formal policy denies that intersex people exist? I can’t find the word even mentioned on their website.

      “The physical safety and welfare of Intersex children is not on pastor Muhlenberg’s agenda.”
      Nonsense. You just made that up too. The physically safety and welfare of ALL children is of concern to Bill Muhlenberg.

      “the council has ensured these heretics aren’t present.”
      Even though they were invited? You’re good at making things up, aren’t you?

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  2. Dr Carr-Gregg overlooks the problem with both the Safe Schools program and the Respectful Relationships program that open debate and discussion in the school is not permitted, students are warned not to inform their parents and opt-out provisions do not apply to these sessions.

    The momentum is distinctly FOR the imposition of these programs by ignoring parental concerns and contrary to the wishes of parents who have objections to the content.

    This is not “in loco parentis” – deputising for the parents in teaching our children – but (pardon my Latin) “substio parentis” – deliberately displacing parents and undermining their authority position in the raising of their own children.

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  3. “Councillor Wayne Smith … described it as being founded on “ignorance” and “radical Christian ideology”.”
    Then it sounds like Wayne Smith is the ignorant one. Opposition is in fact founded on evidence, history, and design, and to the extent that it’s accurate to refer to Christian ideology, it’s standard/mainstream Christian ideology, nothing “radical” about it.

    “Cr Smith has observed the Building Respectful Relationships program cut down on homophobic bullying against LGBTI students.”
    And that can’t be done without sexualising the students? What about bullying of Christian students? Does he care about that? Isn’t he in fact encouraging that with his anti-Christian rhetoric?

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