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Geologist Thomas Kapitany faces a battle to keep Crystal World open in Devon Meadows. 148130_03 Picture: GARY SISSONS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

A world-renowned geological business in Devon Meadows may shut down as a result of a planning dispute with Casey Council.

Crystal World and Prehistoric Journeys boasts more than 300 tons of specimens including crystals, dinosaur fossils and meteorites stored and sold from the site.

The import-export business, with rock cutting and polishing operations, however has been deemed unlawful by planning authorities.

Owner Thomas Kapitany says he’s operated the business from the site since the year 2000, before the land was re-zoned to Green Wedge A.

The trade is worth “millions” of dollars to the local economy, as well as employing 20 staff, he says.

He’s consulted and supplied museums around the world, trains geology students and travels 10 months of the year following his “hobby” and “lifestyle”.

“I’m too old to set up a new business and relocate – I don’t need it.

“I can’t imagine the council will be stupid enough to close it down.

“If they do, the council will be embarrassed all over the world.”

The dispute began when Casey Council refused an application for Crystal World for a certificate of compliance for the business in January 2017.

It was part of a bid by Crystal World to extend its warehouse, gallery and showroom.

Mr Kapitany then applied for a decision review at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which ruled against him on 24 April.

At VCAT, Mr Kapitany argued that Crystal World qualified for an exemption from Green Wedge rules due to operating continuously for longer than the ‘15-year-rule’.

He produced a business registration record dated 1999, with the Devon Meadows site listed as the primary address.

VCAT member Picha Djohan said Mr Kapitany’s evidence was not sufficient to establish the continuous nature of the business for 15 years prior to March 2017.

“A business registration document of itself cannot prove the nature of the business being conducted … or that a business is occurring at all.”

Ms Djohan said it could not be established that the business in its described form began until 2008 when a new shed was built.

Mr Kapitany said he simply didn’t keep paperwork that far back, just retaining documents for the minimum seven years for taxation puposes.

He claims he had been targeted by a “vindictive” Casey planner who wanted to shut down the business.

Casey mayor Geoff Ablett described the situation as a “mess” that should have been sorted out before the VCAT decision.

“It’s just a shame. I don’t know why they went to VCAT before sitting down with myself and our planners.”

Casey statutory planning and building services manager Duncan Turner said the owners had not had planning permits to use the land for warehousing or retail sales. Those uses were prohibited in the Green Wedge, he said.

“Following the verdict of VCAT, the land owner will now need to comply with the decision and the State Government provisions applicable to a Green Wedge Zone.”


  1. Oh my, we love this place. We travel to the area specifically to visit and then usually make a day of it. I’m sure we are not the only ones. Great business.

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  2. Ohh I hope it doesn’t close down this is one of my family’s favorite places and we always recommend it to everyone!! We always say we will go for an hr but always end up staying the hole day looking for the perfect rocks! I’ve always said the only thing its missing is a coffee shop because I’m shore I’m not the only family who spends the day at this beautiful place!!
    I hope there will be a petition to sign as my family of 5 will be signing up!!!
    And for my beautiful crystal family I hope the council wont be that stupid in closing you because people come from far and near just to visit this amazing place!

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  3. Wow! I was there 2 years ago and it was fantastic! It was one of our many stops during our vacation from the US. Tom is world famous for his knowledge and generousity. There are fewer and fewer locations like this throughout the world. I can’t imagine Australia would be better without Crystal World. PLEASE SAVE CRYSTAL WORLD!
    Dan Cooper
    Fairfield, Ohio
    United States

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  4. This guy is a known fossil smuggler and refuses to take ownership of his own mistakes. I think this is probably for the best.

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    • I think you need to be reading up on defamation and get all your facts together without reading the media. Tom has helped so many of today‚Äôs youth and future generations. He is recognised all over the world. The only ones who knock him
      Down Are ones Who are jealous of what he has achieved.
      When my son got scammed
      On the internet for a cabbing machine Tom was the first to offer help. He has taken my son to America to the rock shows etc. he is the kindest man you could ever meet.

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      • In order to constitute defamation, it has to be untrue. Articles about his smuggling are literally the first things to come up when you search his name.

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