Frank dies after arrow attack

Frank didn''t survive his arrow attack.

By Brendan Rees

A kangaroo named Frank, who was recently shot in an arrow attack in Lysterfield Park, has died from his injuries.

The 65-kilogram roo underwent surgery at Woofpurnay Veterinary Hospital in Narre Warren North where the arrow was removed.

The kangaroo was found near Lysterfield Lake yacht club at Lysterfield Park which was reported by a member of the public on 11 January.

A team of wildlife volunteer rescuers including Sue Johnston, who works with animals at her own shelter near Lysterfield Park, came to Frank’s aid and gave him a prescribed sedative before taking him to the veterinary hospital.

There, Frank was operated on and began his recovery at Five Freedoms Animal Shelter in the Macedon Ranges, in the last available enclosure.

Manfred Zabinskas, who runs the shelter, said Frank was badly injured and was given anti-biotics where his leg had shown signs of “healing quite well” – but the wound to his neck were “quite severe” and he died on Monday 20 January.

“The wound was so deep it actually caused nerve damage,” Mr Zabinskas said.

“What we realised that when he was in care that he actually was unable to eat or drink so we got to the stage where we were watching him and noticed none of his food had gone, he didn’t touch any green grass that we gave him.

“When we tried to give him water to drink he attempted to drink but he just couldn’t lap it up.

“We think that he actually ended up with nerve damage that affected his ability to actually swallow.”

Mr Zabinskas said his team put Frank on an intravenous drip and even bottled fed him with a special milk formula to keep up his nutrition while they worked out whether the nerve damage could be corrected.

“The injuries were more severe than we had hoped,” he said.

Mr Zabinskas believed Frank was bent over eating when he was sadly shot in the family-friendly park.

“I have come across so many arrow attack cases over the years. People would be appalled to know how often this occurs,” he said.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning as well as Victoria Police are investigating the incident.

Mr Zabinskas has called on the Federal Government to bring stronger laws to prevent dangerous weapons falling into the wrong hands.

“I can’t believe that anybody like children can just order stuff online or go to a gun shop and but archery equipment – there’s no restrictions on archery equipment,” he said.

“You even need a permit for a sling shot but you don’t need a permit for compound hunting bow.”

Five Freedoms Animal Shelter Facebook page shared disturbing images of Frank’s injuries which was share hundreds of times. The news of his passing came with mixed emotions among users.

“I am just about beyond anger over this appalling action. To hurt any creature is abhorrent, and the perpetrator should be put before a jury of animal lovers for judgement!” one post read.

Another said: “So sorry to hear this sad news. Thank you to the wonderful examples of humanity who tried so hard to help this beautiful boy.

Victoria Police have been contacted for comment.

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