Recycling wrongs cost thousands


Casey Council has launched a Recycling Right campaign to clean up a scourge of contaminated household waste.

A recent audit by the council found 26 per cent of waste disposed for recycling was not recyclable. Chief contaminants were bagged rubbish, clothes, bagged recycling and soft plastics.

Casey sustainability and waste manager Michael Jansen said incorrect items in recycling bins could contaminate a truck’s whole load – meaning it all gets poured into landfill.

It also leads to contractors passing on greater costs to Casey and its ratepayers via the waste services charge.

“Each 1 per cent of contamination adds about $50,000 per annum on top of the base cost for recycling for Council,” Mr Jansen said.

“Council is committed to improving recycling for the benefit of all Casey residents and the environment overall, however it is critical that all residents play their part and keep contaminants out of the recycling system.”

Items that can be recycled in Casey include paper and cardboard, metals, glass and plastic food containers and bottles.

Lids and caps should be removed from jars and bottles.