Hay fever top tips

Andrew Leslie, pharmacist Blooms The Chemist Casey Central. 224261_01

By Andrew Leslie, Pharmacist Blooms The Chemist Casey Central

If longer days, flowering meadows, little ducklings and the sound of birdsong strikes fear into your heart, do not fear as you are not alone.


Tree pollen has certainly exploded, and November saw the start of grass pollen release. So on those extreme windy days avoid unnecessary outdoor adventures. But if the kids are dragging you outdoors, use a nasal douche and eye rinse as soon as you’re back indoors, change your clothes and jump in the shower.


If you know this time of year spells disaster for you and the littlies, have your treatment plan and options ready to go. There have also been some groundbreaking developments in natural and probiotics products. One probiotic study has indicated a 70 per cent reduction in asthma symptoms in children.


When those symptoms hit don’t delay – it’s much better to start your treatment as early as possible, not just for your relief but to also settle down that out of control immune system. Treatment in this category is varied, can often require multiple targeted products and are not suitable for everyone. There are certainly options available for children, though some more appropriate than others.

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