Boys to men

Dr Steven Middleton, Vice Principal of St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar.

How do you grow a good man? We find out from Dr Steven Middleton, vice principal of St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar.

We offer a distinctive education for boys, one that values the pursuit of academic achievement and excellence, while promoting the development of character as a vehicle for success as a man in the 21st century. The school’s approach to learning is both innovative and traditional, adopting 21st century pedagogies while also appreciating that enduring values denote men of character regardless of generation-courage, respect for self and others, integrity and compassion.

Our purpose built and designed facilities for boys enable the freedom for physical expression and appreciation that self-discipline provides the framework for achieving any goal.

We believe the best education for boys is one rich in nurturing the mind, but one that also seeks to nurture the heart and spirit of each student. Our dedicated team of ’boyologists’ (teachers skilled in both teaching and reaching boys through relational learning) are focused on how we best prepare each boy who enters our gates for the successful completion of examinations, but also to lead a fulfilling and honourable life with a strong moral compass.

These boyologists not only teach boys, they also have the expertise and experience to connect with boys, meaning that we strive to form the nurturing relationship with each boy to enable him to consider the many roles he will confront beyond our gates – father, husband, partner, employer, employee, leader and servant in the broader community.

We believe that a successful education for each boy is to be known, valued, celebrated and cared for in an environment which promotes challenge, excellence, achievement and personal growth. A successful education for the world our boys will enter as men is one in which they will be required to have skills as much as knowledge.